Why do we want to eradicate down syndrome?

There was a news story recently
The parents of a 4 year old with Down Syndrome are suing the doctors because they said the testing they did for DS were not accurate.They said that had they known she had DS they would not have continued the pregnancy.
I am a mother of 3 children,one that has some significant disabilities, this article is very disturbing to me.
I am curios how parents of children with down syndrome feel about this.
Is it fair for science to say “your baby has DS,want to continue the pregnancy”?I have a disabled child,I UNDERSTAND that they require more time and resources,but there is NO guarantee with “typical” babies.You can become disabled at any time,via illness or accidents.But what gives parents the right to say they no longer want to continue a pregnancy,because a child w/ DS is not what they were hoping for?parents suing hospital because down syndrome…